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Here is where I am going to be posting some of my work. You can give me critique on my completed work, and my work in progress also known as WIP. Keep in mind, please keep in civilized, no need to be cruel. Only constructive criticism will be welcome! Any rude or nasty posts will be deleted! Please, no foul language either. Thank you!

Here is an old dragon I created back when I was just getting started illustrating for people. His name is boozer and is suppose to be a drunk dragon. I think I have improved on my dragon creation somewhat. This guy looks a little rough, but he has been taking quite a few nips!

OK here is a picture I am working on sorta for Halloween.  I have one where there is just the one face on the character and then I have one where there are two additional semi transparent faces. Which one is better? Also is there anything I can do to improve?

Smashing Pumpkins1
Smashing Pumpkins2

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