Cartoon or Realism

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So you have written a children’s book and you are thinking about what type of illustrations you want to tell your story.
You are stumped between if you want your pictures to look like cartoons or will they have a more realistic look?

You need to ask yourself who your audience will be. Will your story be for children in their very early years or for young adults? What is your story about and what type of characters will be shown? If your characters are creatures that are do not really exist, such as monsters or aliens you may want to show them in a more fun cartoon way if your audience is small children. You wouldn’t want to scare them away from your book! If you audience are young adults, then you may want to consider the realistic and scary image of the monster or alien because at that age the cartoon look may be too childish for them.

Cartoon images tend to have more vibrant colors than realistic images do. And young children are drawn to brighter vibrant colors, so that is why I tend to think that cartoon style is better for your younger children.

Really it is up to you and which way you think your story would better be portrayed!

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