E Books vs Printed Books

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So you have written your first book or are planning on writing a book, but you do not know if you want to make it for print or for an ebook. Why not do both! What I tell my clients, is that if you order a book cover for print, I will provide you with the ebook cover free of charge, providing that the cover is the same art that is on your printed book. It does not cost anything more to upload your book for both, so why not just provide both for your readers and let them choose! 

There are advantages to both print and ebooks. Ebooks are convenient and you can take them anywhere using your phone or tablet. Printed books are nice to have at home, for those of us who like to feel the actual book in their hand..my Mother is like this..she likes to read and hold the actual book. I myself love going to book stores and libraries and browsing the various covers, feel their textures and the smell..it is wonderful! And they make great gifts!

So yes! Do Both! You will have the best of both worlds!