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Custom Illustration Services

My name is Christina Cartwright and I am a illustrator and book cover artist. This is my blog when I jot down notes and helpful hints for you, or me to refer back to! Most of my clients come to me when they have written a book they wish to self publish and they need illustrations, a book cover, or just maybe some advice. Many of the people I work with use Amazon’s free self publishing service “Kindle Direct Publishing”. While KDP is a free service, you still need to know a few things when diving in to create your book. If you contact me, I will do my very best to help you with your publishing process. I dont know everything, but there is a lot I do know. And if we run into something neither one of us knows…we can find it out and learn it together!

You can view my portfolio on my website at: http://digitelldesign.com .  

I have a section that gives some important self publishing resources and you can find that information here: Resources

Please enjoy your visit! Cheers!

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