Color Modes-RGB vs CMYK


Many publishers require that your images be submitted in the color mode CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).
Some allow the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color mode to be submitted, but will print it using CMYK.
CMYK is used for print media and the RGB is used for digital medias such as television and computer/websites.

There is a difference to the appearance of both. There is a much brighter and vivid color to the RGB.
Converting to CMYK tends to make the colors a bit more dull, especially with the blues.

I have place two images of colors here to show you the difference.
Just be aware of the difference between the two, and know that when you have images printed, the colors may appear slightly different than how you view them on your computer screen.

Cartoon or Realism

So you have written a children’s book and you are thinking about what type of illustrations you want to tell your story.
You are stumped between if you want your pictures to look like cartoons or will they have a more realistic look?

You need to ask yourself who your audience will be. Will your story be for children in their very early years or for young adults? What is your story about and what type of characters will be shown? If your characters are creatures that are do not really exist, such as monsters or aliens you may want to show them in a more fun cartoon way if your audience is small children. You wouldn’t want to scare them away from your book! If you audience are young adults, then you may want to consider the realistic and scary image of the monster or alien because at that age the cartoon look may be too childish for them.

Cartoon images tend to have more vibrant colors than realistic images do. And young children are drawn to brighter vibrant colors, so that is why I tend to think that cartoon style is better for your younger children.

Really it is up to you and which way you think your story would better be portrayed!

Need some helpful tips on page count and book formatting? Visit my blog on Self Publishers Helpful Links

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Self Publishers Helpful Links

Several of my clients have asked me questions about page count and book dimensions when formatting their books. I have gathered some information that I thought I could share with you. Below are some links and other information that you may find useful.  This first link takes you to CreateSpace’s website where there is a form to fill out that will give you a template for your cover.


Here you can choose from the drop down menu, “TRIM SIZE” and these are the book dimensions that Create Space will allow. I use this page to get my template for the book covers I create for CreateSpace. They have a minimum page count requirement of 24 pages to a book. So with a children’s book, if you have 12 pages of text you can have 24 pages total if you put text on one side and a picture on the adjacent page. You can also add in the front of the story a title page, a blank page, an ‘About The Author’ page, a ‘Dedication Page’, and at the end of the story you can add a ‘About the Illustrator’ page, and a page with a list of Coming Soon Books page..and anything else you can think of. These are just some ideas that will help give you additional pages.
 Here is a link to templates you can use for your Interior if you are using Word to write your book.


INGRAMSPARK: If you do not want to use Create Space, there is also Ingram Spark that is a popular self publisher. Here is the Link:

They are not as simple to use as Create Space,IMO, and they do charge a fee. Also, when you want your cover done, you will have to obtain a 13 digit ISBN- (which is the number that identifies your book that goes in the barcode with the price on the back of your book).You will have to enter all your book info into a place on the site to generate your cover: Link:

Here is a link about ISBN numbers on their site:
( CreateSpace provides you with an ISBN free of charge.)
Here is a link to a PDF with IngramSpark’s File Guidelines:

I do not think Ingram Spark has the 24 page rule, but they do require a page count to be a multiple by 2 so if you say, had a 11 page count , they will add a blank page at the end to make it 12. Also, they do want a blank page at the end so if your book is 24 pages they will add 2 blank pages at the end.
There is a lot to process here, I know! But once you get it figured out, it will become easier.

Once you get your book done and are wanting to promote it, you will probably want to have a website where you can display and tell about your book/books. Building a website is now easier than ever with so many website builders available. You no longer have to know HTML to create your own website! Here is an article that contains helpful information on the available site builders out there:

I hope these links help you along your self publishing  journey!
Have a great day!


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Creative Ideas

Here is where I am going to be posting some of my work. You can give me critique on my completed work, and my work in progress also known as WIP. Keep in mind, please keep in civilized, no need to be cruel. Only constructive criticism will be welcome! Any rude or nasty posts will be deleted! Please, no foul language either. Thank you!

Here is an old dragon I created back when I was just getting started illustrating for people. His name is boozer and is suppose to be a drunk dragon. I think I have improved on my dragon creation somewhat. This guy looks a little rough, but he has been taking quite a few nips!

OK here is a picture I am working on sorta for Halloween.  I have one where there is just the one face on the character and then I have one where there are two additional semi transparent faces. Which one is better? Also is there anything I can do to improve?

Smashing Pumpkins1
Smashing Pumpkins2

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