Hi Kitty

Here Is A List Of FAQs

1. What is your procedure?

A: Once we have the contract done and your down payment is made we can begin working on the illustrations/cover.

You can send me a detailed description of what you want your illustrations or cover to look like. Or..If it is a children’s book we are working on, I can read your material and come up with the ideas myself if you would prefer. 

Once I have your illustration/cover ready, I will email it to you for you to review. You may or may not wish to see changes. If you wish for a revision, please be as specific as you can on what changes you would like to see. I will make the changes/revision and send you back the revised image for you to review. Once you approve I will proceed to the next illustration or cover.

Once all illustrations and/or cover are completed you will make the final balance payment.

I will send you the full sized resolution files for your illustrations and/or cover.

File formats will be in jpg, pdf, or tiff files. (if there is another file format you need please let me know.)

2. How long will it take?

 A: The amount of time it takes me will depend on the amount of detail that will go into an image. Most illustrations take me anywhere between 1/2 to 2 business days time. Covers will take 2 weeks at the most. Revisions can take from 1 hour to 1 day. 

3. Will you provide me with a sample before I commit?   

A: I will be happy to provide you with a sample image, before you commit, for a fee of one illustration. You can have me create one of your story illustrations to review. 

4.Who will own the art work?

A: You will be the owner of the art work. You can make posters, Tshirts, cups..however you see fit. You just cannot claim to be the artist. Digitell Design will have rights to showcase the work on my portfolio and or website if I choose to do so. You must give me, Digitell Design/Christina Cartwright credit for the art work. This will be outlined in the contract.

5. Will I have to pay you royalties?

A: NO. I will receive no royalties. This is a work for hire. Once the final payment is made we are finished with payments.

6. Will you provide me with the PSD files layers intact?

A: No. Only final files are included with the fee paid. If you wish to receive the PSD layer files, that will be an extra charge. If you know you will wish for the PSD files, please let me know and I will quote you a price for them.

7. I want you to draw illustrations based on my child and me. Can you do this?

A: I am no portrait artist, but I can make the characters look somewhat similar to your child or you. However, it will not be exact.

8. Do you do traditional art or use a computer?

A: I use my computer, but I also use a Wacom tablet and pen. Photoshop is the software I use along with some 3D graphics programs and Illustrator at times.

If there are any questions you may have that are not listed here, please contact me and I will answer them for you.

Testimonials for Illustrations

My Clients Reviews

 Steve Harris: “I wrote a Christmas book called The Christmas Story Play – What Part Will You Play. I wanted some beautiful, original illustrations to make the book come alive. I spent three months looking for the right person. I spent a lot of money to have several nationally recognized illustrators do samples for me. They were wonderful, but not “just right”. Then I found Christina Cartwright. We discussed what I was looking for and I asked her to pray about it and then use her imagination to see what the characters would look like. The illustrations she came up with were amazing! Just what I wanted. Later when the printer had trouble getting some of the illustrations to print clear enough, Christina was able to ‘brighten’ them up and they turned out perfect! Christina is so easy to work with and has the talent and experience to do so many different styles. And to top it off, her prices are so much more reasonable than other illustrators of her talent level. I highly recommend Christina to anyone looking for a talented, creative, imaginative, dependable and professional artist to illustrate their book. Sincerely, Steve Harris ” 

 Katie Barber: “Chris is exceptionally fast in her work and will go out of her way to please her clients.
-Katie Barber” 

 Lucy Silver: “Christina was able to create anything I asked for. If there was an emergency, she responded immediately. I value her work and cannot recommend her enough.” 

 Pamela Cash: “Christina Cartwright is a gifted artist. The door to every novel is a book cover and no matter how great the story, if the cover isn’t enticing it will be hard to sell the book. Christina captures your wild imagination and converts it into a vision on book covers. I highly recommend her.Pamela E. CashAuthor of the Chausiku series” 

 Marla Walker: “Being a novice doing my first children’s book, I searched for an illustrator online and found Christina. She was very helpful and patient which helped tremendously creating the characters. I would look forward to receiving the emails and end up laughing out loud with each new illustration.I had emailed her prior to hiring her, and she was helpful without any commitment on my part. She was very responsive to any question (and still is) and was great incorporating my ideas. I feel very lucky to have someone that could see what I wrote. I highly recommend her; and if I do another book, she will be the illustrator.” 

 Dorothea Perry: “I had an emergency project and needed to find a graphic artist as quickly as possible. It seemed almost impossible to find one that was reasonably priced. Christina was like a godsend. She was reasonably priced, saw my visions, and worked quickly at achieving the final product. I’ve been extremely happy with everything she has produced. I can not praise her enough and am very happy to recommend her to anyone in need of a top notch graphic artist. ”