Story Illustrations For Any Project!

Here are a few things to think about when requesting illustrations:

  • Do you know who you want to publish/print your book?
  • Do you know what your book’s dimensions will be?
  • Do you have descriptions on how you want your illustrations to look?
  • Do you want me to come up with the ideas based on your material?
  • Do you know how many illustrations you need?
  • Do you want to use one of the images for your cover, or something new?

Children’s Book Illustrations

If you need artistic services for your children’s books, I can provide you with images in either the realistic style or cartoon style. If you are wishing to use Kindle Direct Publishing, Ingram Spark, Book Baby or any other self publisher, I can help you! 

Horror, SciFi or Fantasy

Do you have a project that is in need of illustrations for Horror, Sci Fi, or Fantasy? I can provide you with images of any genre you need.

And More..!

Do you need images of animals? Be it  wild, domestic or fantasy, I can create the critters of your dreams!

All images © 2020 Christina Cartwright

Pricing and Payment

Children’s Illustrations

Graphic design rates start at $55 per illustration/page. 2 page spreads ( 1 large illustration that stretches across 2 pages) are $110. There will be an extra charge if there are more than 3 characters in 1 illustration.

Children’s Book Covers For Print

Book covers start at $125. If you wish to use one of the illustrations from your story with a solid color for the back side, the fee will be $125 for your cover. If you want something different that one of your illustrations for your cover, the fee will be $225 for art on front with a solid color for the back. If you want art across front and back the fee is $325. * Ebook covers are free of charge if you order a cover for print* (provided the art is same as cover for print).

Children’s Book Covers For Ebook

$225 for something different than one of the illustrations from your story.  If you want to use one of the illustrations from your story the fee will be $125. * If you order a cover for print, your ebook cover is provided free of charge.* (provided the art is same as cover for print).

Book Covers-Novels

$400-Full wrap around art work ( art across back and front).

$325- Art on front with solid color for spine and back.

$225- If you provide me with a photo you want me to use for your front cover. * Photo MUST be high resolution of 300 dpi! No photos taken with a cell phone!*

EBooks- $300 for Ebooks. If you have a photo stock image you wish for me to use, the fee will be $150 *Ebook covers will be free of charge if you order a cover for print* (provided the art is same as cover for print).

Character Design

$75-$200 per character design. I can provide a background or send you the character image with a transparent background such as a png file. Final files will be @ 300 DPI unless you request otherwise. Prices vary depending on the amount of detail. Contact me with details for a price quote.


I require one half my fee down payment and the remaining balance is due upon completion. You receive 1 free revision per illustration and/or cover and afterwards, there will be a $20 fee per additional revision. I accept Pay Pal or Checks. Fees are for the finalized art only. * PSD Source files will be an additional fee and are NOT included!*

Pay Pal : I will send you an invoice via Pay Pal once our contract is signed. 

Checks: Please make check out to:

Christina Cartwright


1134 East Water Street

Mount Vernon, IN 47620

Any questions please email me at:

Book Cover Specifications

For cover creation you will need to provide the following check list:

  • Title and author’s name (as you want it to appear on the cover).
  • Dimensions of your book.
  • Page count ( so we can configure spine width ).
  • Back of book text- description of what your book is about.
  • What you would like to see on the cover. – Please keep in mind that we have a small area to work with and I will do everything I can to create the cover of your dreams.
  • If there are any specific characters to go onto the cover, please let me know the important details such as age, hair color, height, weight, eye color, race, clothing details, etc.
  • Let me know of geographical area if it is important for the cover such as mountains, water/beach,  climate.
  • Let me know the time era.
  • Do you want art work on the front only or do you want the full wrap around where there is artwork across the front, spine and back?

I can send you a time frame of when you will receive your first sample once I receive the above information. 

Thank you for choosing Digitell Design and I look forward to working with you on your new book cover!

All images © 2020 Christina Cartwright